Dr Frank Stuer-Lauridsen is a marine biologist and environmental chemist from Copenhagen University. He is a specialist in strategic management and assessment of hazardous activities and materials in the shipping industry. Frank has worked intensively with environmental cost-benefit analyses and Environmental Impact Assessments, and in the past 20 years he has carried out more than 200 projects related to management of hazardous materials, decommissioning and recycling of chemical plants, offshore installations and ships. Frank founded the maritime environmental consultancy LITEHAUZ in 2007. With his colleagues in LITEHAUZ he focused on the key environmental issues in shipping, and recycling has been amongst the top priorities. With regards to outlining and executing strategies on sustainable ship recycling issues Frank has engaged with international shipping industry clients and associations, with the private financial sector, the international financial institutes, and several members of the UN family. Frank frequently speaks on ship recycling at universities and conferences, and participated in the Sustainable Shipping Initiative meetings.

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