Douwe has maritime blood running through his veins as a member of the Amels family with a shipbuilder as a grandfather and a maritime entrepreneur as a father. For a while he even was a Marine Technology student himself. He ended up taking a slightly different route though, earning his Master of Law degree in business law. Joining EEC as Sustainability Manager meant his comeback into the Maritime Industry. As sustainability manager at EEC, he has been given the assignment to assist in making the sustainability ambitions of the founders come true. And they have set a high bar. EEC’s purpose is to make sustainable ship recycling the industry norm. This will only be possible if sustainability runs through every vein of the company. This starts with the recycling process, which adheres to the most stringent ship recycling standards, and prioritizes sustainability. To make an industry wide impact EEC will connect the dots between ship owners, recycling yards and steel mills creating a supply chain from ship to steel. The industrialization opportunities that this supply chain brings is the key to decreasing the costs and further increasing the sustainability of the recycling process. Besides his job as Sustainability Manager at EEC, Douwe is also a professional high jumper, participating at the European Championships in Munich only one month prior to this Ship Recycling Lab. If you are thinking of joining Douwe’s talk, this might be relevant information. Beware of high jump metaphors!

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