Dirk-H. is since 1996 equipped with a MSc in Industrial Engineering for Chemistry, Secondary Raw Materials and a background in Logistics in Emerging Markets and Environmental Impacts of the Petro Industry from the TU-Berlin and a MBA  in Finance awarded jointly amongst others by Business School of London, ESCP Paris, Complutense Madrid and TU-Berlin.

After his University Studies, Dirk-H. worked for nearly 20 years in Executive and SVP position in various regions (Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa) for large corporations being specialized to set-up and establishing new companies and business units, structures and green-field operations signing responsible to over 400 project implementations throughout his career.

After such a successful career it just felt natural, that Dirk-H. Stuhr became active within Greendock 2016. Since he has held various positions and is the current CEO of Greendock Global Licenses. 

Actively involved in establishing the global PCT-License and the Patent for the Greendock solution worldwide, Dirk-H. has been a key in designing of an effective and cost efficient ship-breaking process for the Greendock Ship-Breaking solution. 

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